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Mission of Yogi Ramsuratkumar

The spiritually inclined people around the world have heard about Yogi and a few have had the opportunity to see Him and talk to Him. However many of them do not know Yogi, his teachings and his great mission. The author would like to attempt to say about them. It may not be precise but still it points something. Yogi was love personified. He was ordained by his Supreme Father, God, to work to uplift the people spiritually. His mysterious ways of actions enthralled people. The experiences of his life would enchant the seekers of God and influence them to seek Him constantly.

In the earlier life of Yogi, He did his works and duties in a totally selfless way. He was helpful to his parents and others. He loved his parents and brothers. He studied well in the school and in the college. He worked as a teacher with total dedication. He loved his wife and children. He taught his children to remember God by teaching them to write ‘Rama’ even before they knew the alphabets of their mother tongue. Yogi loved all and hated none. He served everybody in all possible ways. He was selfless. He would give whatever he had to the needy people. He would never hurt others at any circumstances using harsh language. He went through serious contemplations, which were initiated by the then spiritual masters and their works. He was a voracious reader. He went through the teachings of the great spiritual masters of India. Particularly he was attracted by the teachings of Buddha and Swami Ramtirtha. He loved to read Bagavad Gita and Tulsi Ramayana repeatedly. He tried to follow the teachings of the masters in his daily life. He was in mouna, in total silence and did fasting for long intervals. He neglected cooked food for more than five years and consumed only raw milk and fruits. Yogi did all these things to keep himself fit in the search of God. This karma yoga paved the way to generate bakti, love in him.

His passionate searching for God, his ardent spiritual practices and his selfless services turned to be real karma yoga that directed him to the holy feet of Swami Ramdas, his guru. One could perceive the state of bakti in Yogi on seeing his life with Swami Ramdas. Yogi was in wholeness of love, bakti focused on his guru, Swami Ramdas. He wanted to live for the guru. He wanted to be always with him. He wanted to serve Swami Ramdas and dedicate his whole life for him. But Swami Ramdas, with his immense compassion, threw away this passionate child into the wilderness of the world to experience the omnipresence of God, through which he might attain the divine wisdom. When Yogi had performed bakti Yoga in totality, he was directed by Swami Ramdas, nay, forced to wander in solitude in the wilderness of the world. He was given the divine madness by Swami Ramdas to obtain the divine wisdom. Yogi wandered in divine madness all over the country, mostly in places where spiritual masters and saints lived and attained samadhi. Yogi came to Tiruvannamalai and remained in total solitude sitting for long time in meditation in the caves of the holy hill and in the surroundings of the hill, to transcend the divine madness, bakti. The divine wisdom blossomed in the being of Yogi naturally. The gnana or the supreme wisdom sprang in Yogi. Yet he was not satisfied. He wanted to merge his being with his Father eternally. J. Krishnamurti helped him to be aware of the presence of Father, God in him. Yogi directly experienced Father within and merged his being in Him. From then he was one with his Father. He transcended the gnana yoga too.

Thus, karma yoga took him to the holy feet of his guru Swami Ramdas. He surrendered at the holy feet of his guru. His love and surrender earnt him wisdom, the gnana, from where he jumped to God or the Supreme Father’s abode, merged his being with Him and became one with GOD.

Yogi taught people about worldly life. He taught of performing good deeds, with selfless attitude, and without expecting anything in return from the world. He also taught them to remember God all the time and dedicate everything to Him. Thus he taught karma yoga to the worldly people.

The people who are doing the karma yoga on their own in the perfect way, in due course, shall have a divine search for the guru. God in His mysterious ways leads such men to the holy feet of guru. The guru waits for these people. When they reach the guru, the guru showers his love and grace. The guru sows the seed of bakti in the hearts of these people and waits patiently. The best part of the guru is the beauty of his waiting. The guru would never hasten things. He would always prefer the natural course of growth. In the process, the guru has to spend a lot of time to groom people by energizing them to march towards God. The guru initiates such people and teaches them the way to God. This powerful initiation leads one to bakti yoga. The devotee immerses in bakti for his guru. Now the guru and the disciple become one and the same. The guru would always encourage these people to make use of his presence. He would encourage them to visit him frequently. He would also grace these people of perfect Karma Yoga to remember his name constantly so that they could spread the fragrance of bakti in the world. This bakti brings forth peace and bliss in one’s heart as well as in the world. But the evolution does not stop here. It has to go further.

The bakti blooms upon the devotees due to the powerful initiation of the guru. Then at the appropriate time, the guru throws away the seekers in solitude to obtain gnana, the wisdom. The guru creates suitable environment so as to keep the potential seeker in total solitude to have direct access to gnana, the wisdom. The guru would prescribe the appropriate works of the saints and spiritual masters in accordance with the nature and the inborn qualities of the seekers. The seeker cherishes the taste of the divine wisdom. He perceives that the life is an illusion. This enables him to strike a balance between his family life and the spiritual life. The transformation taking place in him remains a secret and not shown to the outside world due to the grace of guru.

Initially the physical separation from the guru causes severe pain in the heart of the disciple. He tries repeatedly to find shelter beneath the guru. But the guru vehemently refuses and throws him away. Finally he realizes the intention of the guru and learns to be alone. The struggle and the pain shall drive the seeker to go through the works of the great masters. The works of the masters give him clarity, solace and wisdom. This clarity and wisdom unfold the secrets of creation, sustenance and destruction of the universe. The awareness of the uncertainty of life initially terrorizes, but due to the grace of the guru, one shall come out of the fear by perceiving it directly. This perception gives one the realization that he is not the body. He is also able to perceive the oneness with all in the universe. He becomes one with guru, God, the Eternity, the Immortal, the Truth, the Holistic Vastness. Thereafter he radiates the divine bliss and peace.

For this human evolution Yogi worked and spent his entire life. This is the mission of Yogi, merging the people in his Father. Yogi’s work, his Father’s work is to make this evolution possible in all people. Yogi left behind him, his name ‘Yogi Ramsuratkumar’ in this world for the people to move towards God. The name ‘Yogi Ramsuratkumar’ and God are both one and the same. This is a unique beauty in the spiritual history of the world that a spiritual master prescribed his own name for the evolution towards God. If one has faith in this name ‘Yogi Ramsuratkumar’ the evolution towards God happens, blooms so naturally. All the obstacles would be cleared off miraculously by the grace of Yogi Ramsuratkumar and one would reach the DESTINATION, HOME, GOD safely.

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