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Seeing The Family After 25 Years

Yogi received Amitabh’s letter and arranged rooms for them in the Annamalaiar Temple Devasthanam Chatram through some friends. The chatram is near the Sannathi Street house. The family members of Yogi Ramsuratkumar reached Tiruvannamalai. As soon as the family members reached Tiruvannamalai, they came directly to the house where Yogi lived. Sri Gorak Dixit, the son in law knocked at the door. Yogi himself came out opening the big wooden door. He came near the grill gate of the verandah and stood there for some time. The whole family was staring at him. He slowly opened the door and invited the family members to come inside the house. He again locked the grill gate and took all the people inside the house. He stood in his seat and asked the people to sit, the women on his left side and the men on the right side.

Slowly the emotions started emerging from Smt Ramranjini Devi, Yogi’s wife. She got up and went near him. She stood before Yogi for sometime and suddenly fell down at his feet, caught hold of his feet, started crying and crying. The whole atmosphere was charged with thrilling, emotional as well as divine vibrations. Tears were rolling down the cheeks of Yogi. He was just standing there like a rock but a melting one. The pure and divine love of Ramranjini Devi melted this great rock. There were no words being used. Everybody was sobbing and they couldn’t talk. No words could be possible for them. The crying sound was audible for a long time. More than half an hour passed in this emotional way.

Yogi asked Smt Ramranjini Devi to sit in her seat. Yogi then enquired about the people assembled there. He was able to recognize Sri Ramakanth Rai and his wife, but all others had to introduce themselves to Yogi. Yogi’s daughters Yasodhara and Beena, while introducing themselves, could not control themselves. They sobbed for a long time. Beena introduced her husband Sri Gorak Dixit and their only son Murari. Smt Ramranjini Devi introduced her daughter in law, Sri Amitabh Kunwar’s wife, Rekha Kumari, her daughter Bharathi and son Ashudosh to Yogi. Yogi asked his assistant to bring milk for everybody. The milk came. Yogi himself served the milk to everybody. After they took it, Yogi asked the assistant to give back the empty vessels to the hotel. Then Yogi took his people to the chatram where he had arranged rooms for them. For another few days Yogi spent most of his time with the family, showering his love on them.
Yogi had not run away from the family out of frustration, disappointment, hatred, or due to any other mundane problems. He had immense love for his family. He loved his wife and children. Like any other intimate husband and wife, they had also their own moments of joy and sharing. He had a handsome income and had tremendous respect in the society. After the small bird died at the hands of Yogi in his teenage, there happened the inner transformation. It was constantly kindled by Sri Kapadia Baba. Yogi was directed to Kasi Vishwanath Temple. There again something happened to Yogi, which indicated him the purpose, the mission of his life. That indication, its voice was so feeble that Yogi could not hear it properly. However it had left its influence on him. It was not possible for him to get relieved from that affectation. So when the parents initially arranged for his marriage, he had to run away. From the beginning he was under the strong influence of great masters who came across his life later. Those masters wanted to prepare him towards his divine mission.

He was attracted by Ramranjini Devi and married her. Within a few years, the aspiration for God, the Truth, started burning again and it was unbearable. He had to run away from the family in search of his guru and God. In the meantime the children were born. He loved his children. Throughout his life, he never hated anybody. The uncertainty of life, the illusion of desires and the intensity of his quest for God, Truth, detached him from the family from time to time. He could not resist it. The detachment from the worldly affairs bloomed so naturally in him. At the same time the attachment for his family was not totally erased. In those days, his being was like a pendulum oscillating between the world and God.

Finally God’s powerful force through the masters plucked him once for all from the world of attachment and replanted him in the divinity. He had to pay the price for it. The price was death. Yes, the masters killed his ego, his identity once for all. And, lo, there came the Lord in His full splendor in the beautiful form of YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR. Ram Surat Kunwar, the teacher, the headmaster, the educated babu, the family head, had gone once for all and God had emerged from it in the stunning form of Yogi.

When his wife and children came, he was able to feel their sorrows. He perceived the sufferings they went through for more than 25 years in the absence of their family head. His heart, out of compassion shared their sorrows. He wept with them. He laughed with them. He played with them. For the whole five days he was with them. His family people initially thought that they got back their family leader, but in another few days, they could sense the fire of total renunciation in Yogi Ramsuratkumar. They understood later that he loved them like he loved any other suffering devotees. It was a great disappointment for them.

The next four days Yogi spent time with the family members. He took them to the Arunachaleswara Temple. He also took them to Ramanashram. He asked the family members to go around the hill one day and to climb up the hill to see Skanthashram where Ramana Maharishi lived for some time. Yogi also gifted his grand daughter Bharathi, daughter of Sri Amitabh Kunwar, who was then three years old, a beautiful fancy necklace and her younger brother a small toy, which produced sound.

The fifth day the friends Murugeshan, Parthasarathy and Sivasankaran with their families came to Yogi. They reached Yogi around 1 o’ clock. Soon after their arrival, Yogi’s family too came there. Yogi himself went to the gate, when he heard the knocking and brought the family inside. Yogi asked the family members to sit. As the friends along with their family members were already sitting, they found it difficult to sit as per the discipline and wish of Yogi. Yogi had to tell them where to sit and where not to sit. Finally they sat according to the wish of Yogi.

Sri Gorak Dixit told that his son Murari was not well and had fever. Yogi asked Murari to come near him. Murari was then hardly seven years old. With great hesitation, he went near Yogi. Yogi put him on his lap and fondled him, saying, “Long live Murari, long, long live Murari.” After some time he allowed Murari to go to his mother. Yogi asked Sri Ramakanth Rai about their program. Sri Ramakanth Rai told Yogi that they would start from Tiruvannamalai the same evening to Madurai and from there to Rameshwaram. The conversation was in Hindi. Suddenly from the ladies’ side a feeble voice interfered. It was Smt Ramranjini Devi. She requested her brother to arrange a rented house for her at Tiruvannamalai so that she could live near her husband. She said emotionally that she would cook something for him and would pass her rest of the life at his feet. Yogi paused for a few moments. He became very serious. He addressed Sri Gorak Dixit and Sri Ramakanth Rai in English, “After 25 long years you people wanted to see this mad beggar and this beggar gave you the permission. This is the same old mad beggar you had seen earlier. If you think this beggar is closely related to you people then my Father will look after you, my Father will protect you. But do not try to make a scene here. You have come here to see this beggar and you have seen this beggar. Now you all should go back to your places. My Father will look after you. From this side (Pointing Smt Ramranjini Devi) this beggar heard something. Don’t do that. You should all go back.”

Yogi’s voice was firm and the whole family members were shocked and got confused. Till the day before Yogi was cordial and loving them, but suddenly he became so harsh. They could not understand. They were not able to discuss among themselves before Yogi. Yogi allowed them freedom for the past four days and this new facet of Yogi they never expected and could not digest also. They also could not muster courage to argue with Yogi.

Yogi suddenly turned to Murugeshan and said, “Murugeshji, my king, these people are from this beggar’s family. If you want to know anything about this beggar’s past life, you can ask them.” Murugeshan immediately responded that it was enough for him to know about the present Yogi.

Yogi was about to relieve his family people and Murugeshan intervened, saying, “Swami we should give something to them.” Yogi immediately asked Murugeshan what should be offered. At that time only a fruit juice bottle was there and Murugeshan handed over the bottle to Yogi. Yogi gave the same to the family as prasad and asked them to leave. Yogi saw them off and closed the gate. The family members with great hesitation and confusion left the place. In a way they were angry too. They were standing outside the house for sometime and discussing. Yogi was standing in the verandah and watching them. Then they moved towards the temple and stood in the corner of the street.

Everything was going well for them until morning and in the afternoon they were in utter confusion and not able to decide what they should do. They were not able to digest the words of Yogi as well as the manner Yogi sent them away. They didn’t expect this. Earlier they had decided to take a house for rent nearby the Sannathi Street house, where Yogi lived and facilitate Smt Ramranjini Devi to live there for the rest of her life so that she could serve her husband by cooking food for him and get the opportunity to see him daily. But after Yogi’s firm words, they were unable to decide their future course of action. They discussed among themselves whether they could convince Yogi so that they could make arrangements for Smt Ramranjini Devi’s permanent stay at Tiruvannamalai nearby Yogi’s abode. However they couldn’t muster courage either to convince or argue with Yogi regarding their proposal. They couldn’t come to a conclusion. They were standing and discussing among themselves for a long time in the corner of the street nearby the temple. Yogi watched the whole scene from the staircase of the house for sometime. Then Yogi asked the author to sit in the staircase of the house and watch what the family members were doing.

The family members were still not able to decide what they should do. They got confused whether they should stay back and argue with Yogi to get the permission for his wife’s stay at Tiruvannamalai. But they were also afraid of Yogi. The mysterious spiritual aura of Yogi frightened them and prevented them to take liberty with him. Even after a long time they could not come to a conclusion. The author was silently sitting on the staircase of the house observing them. Every five minutes Yogi asked the author what the family members were doing. The author replied that they were standing and talking among themselves in the street corner. Finally Yogi told, “My Father will take care of them. Let us not worry about them. You come inside, Parthasarathy.” The family members finally understood the state of Yogi and his total renunciation. They were able to realise that even though Yogi was theirs, still he was far, far away from them. They decided to proceed on their pilgrimage as per the plan, but took Smt Ramranjini Devi also with them.

Smt Ramranjini Devi was born in a rich family. She was the only girl child of a big joint family consisting of four brothers, their wives and children. She was loved by all in the family. She had a joyful childhood. Her marriage happened with a person full of love and knowledge. She was proud of her husband. Her love for her husband intensified and increased many fold on seeing his wisdom, his absolute love, his melting heart and his seeking God by doing intense sadhana. He was different, not an ordinary person, she felt, but she never thought that she would lose him. When her husband was promoted as a headmaster in the Government High School, at the small town, Navalgad, she felt happy and proud. The people of the town respected her husband and glorified him. With God like husband and angel like children, Smt Ramranjini Devi felt as if she was the queen of the whole earth.

After the powerful initiation of Papa Ramdas to her husband, her life was shattered and in a short time the life she had been enjoying became a lost dream. She could not believe the behaviors of her husband, who wandered like a mad man. She tried to correct her husband, but she could not do it. She wanted to follow her husband with her children so that she thought he would change himself and become normal, but again she failed. Her attention then switched over to her children. She had to look after the children in the absence of their father. So, she had to equip herself to earn money to educate her children and lead a decent life. She equipped her with further training and education. She got a government job. She was appointed as a bala sevika in a school. She worked in several places. With every available resource, she gave her children good education and got them married. She had wonderful relationship with her daughter in law, Smt Rekha Kumari, who was more than a daughter for her. She was living with her daughter in law after her retirement.

After her visit to Yogi in 1982, she thought that she could live the rest of her life with her husband, but, alas, her husband denied her the permission. She accepted the verdict of her husband. She went back and lived with her son. After a long gap she came again with her daughters twice to Tiruvannamalai to see him. Yogi spared considerable time for her during these visits. Finally she saw him in 2000. When Yogi was alarmingly sick and bedridden for more than two months, the people in charge of the ashram administration did not care to inform her. Even the news about the mahasamadhi of Yogi was not conveyed to her. However, she got the message through some of the devotees of Yogi. She performed the sixteenth day poojas at her place in Ranchi. She later came to Tiruvannamalai in 2003 to have the darshan of her husband’s samadhi and the Sannathi Street house, where her husband lived for about 18 years. She was not allowed to go near her husband’s samadhi, pointing out religious reasons, but the same religion somehow permitted the managing trustee to perform even the abishekam at the samadhi! It was a painful sight to see the plight of the great noble lady. She was not even permitted to cry over the samadhi of her husband.

From 1952 to 2004, 52 years of lonely and heavily loaded life, finally came to a peaceful end on 25/12/2004 evening around 7 0’ clock in the presence of her son, daughter in law and her grand children at Ranchi. She was 83. In the next day a massive earth quake shattered Indonesia and triggered a killer tsunami that swallowed more than a quarter million people in South East Asia including the coastal belt of South India.

Earlier she was able to predict that her end was quickly approaching and so, she had asked her purohit to be available for another few days because his services might be needed. She remembered one of the close devotees of Yogi, Sri Saktivel, in her last moments. However Sri Saktivel could reach Ranchi only on the next day. Sri Saktivel attended the funeral on behalf of the devotees of Yogi. Actually Sri Saktivel had planned to go to Rishikesh to spend his holidays. Somehow he changed his plan and went to Ranchi to see Smt Ramranjini Devi. Thus he got the privilege to attend the final rites of Smt Ram Ranjini Devi.

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