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Yogi’s Statue

To the seekers, who want to evolve towards God as well as to understand the mystery of life, a living guru is essential and this is evident if one observes the life of Yogi. Yogi first met Ramana Maharishi. He found the teachings of Ramana Maharishi inspiring and with great conviction he walked in the path of ‘enquiry’ prescribed by Ramana Maharishi. Then he was directed to Sri Aurobindo. Even though he was not able to interact with Sri Aurobindo, he was completely convinced by his teachings. Both the masters attracted him. The masters took him to an elevated state from where he could perceive Divinity. He was progressing in the path towards God Realisation.

Alas, both the masters attained Mahasamadhi in 1950. He was mysteriously directed to Swami Ramdas even while the masters were alive. But he was not then enthusiastic about Swami Ramdas. After the Mahasamadhi of both the masters, he had no one except Swami Ramdas to guide him into God Consciousness. So he visited Anandashram frequently to see Papa Swami Ramdas. Finally he was able to win over the heart of Swami Ramdas. He got the holy ‘Ram Nam’ initiation from Papa Ramdas. After the initiation, a passionate love developed in him for his guru Swami Ramdas. He wanted to live with his guru and also wanted to serve his guru in all possible ways. But he was denied permission. He believed that the service to the physical form of his guru alone could still his mind and its thought process. But he was not allowed to stay in the ashram. He was driven away by Swami Ramdas. He wandered wildly. He struggled for God Realization even though his mind was oscillating between the attachments of the family and the desire to attain God. Finally his desire to seek God won over the attachments of the family and worldly life. His aspiration for God Realisation became so intense that it took him to several places. After the Mahasamadhi of Swami Ramdas he was again mysteriously directed to J.Krishnamurti. Once he got the wholeness by the grace of all those great Mahatmas he finally reached the holy hill Arunachala. Thereafter he himself became a holy divine form through which he did his Father’s work. The holy forms of Realised Souls play vital roles in the seekers’ progress towards God. These forms help the seekers to a great extent to merge with God, the Formless Holistic Vastness.

In the final years of his life, Yogi was aware that his end was fast approaching. He wanted his friends not to strand and wander in his physical absence. Out of great compassion on his people, Yogi graced to be present in a visible form. A statue of Yogi should be erected in the Ashram so that the people could pour down their loads of sorrows and vent out their anguishes of life and be free, Yogi thought.

Kalasagar Rajagopal was a great sculptor and artist. He became a close friend and devotee of Yogi. He came to Tiruvannamalai to live in its holy atmosphere. He took a house for rent near Yogi’s ashram. He was in his early eighties. Yogi had great love for Sri Rajagopal. Yogi requested Sri Laxman Chettiar, one of his devotees, to look after Kalasagar Rajagopal with care. It was a great experience to be with Sri Rajagopal. He was always bubbling with joy. Any worldly anxieties would not bother him. He would shun away the anxieties by laughing at them, making fun of them. He had close association with several other masters like J.Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharishi, too. Yogi loved and showered his abundant grace upon the sculptor. One day, during a casual conversation between Yogi and Kalasagar Rajagopal, Yogi expressed Father’s wish to make a statue of his form. Kalasagar Rajagopal had made a statue of Ramana Maharishi earlier. It was the exact replica of Ramana’s form. The statue had been erected in the Ramanashram at Tiruvannamalai.

Kalasagar Rajagopal got ecstasy on hearing Yogi’s words. Immediately he agreed to make a statue of Yogi. In spite of his ripe age, he poured all his energy to fulfill the wish of Yogi. He requested Yogi to stand as a model for about 2 hours daily for three months at the old darshan hall. Finally he completed the mould of Yogi’s form. Yogi enquired Kalasagar Rajagopal with what type of metal the statue should be made. Kalasagar suggested panchaloka i.e. an alloy made of gold, silver, iron, lead and tin. Yogi assigned the work to Sri Laxman Chettiar, a long time devotee of Yogi to collect the metals and arrange a factory at Dindigal to produce the statue. Sri Laxman Chettiar took Kalasagar Rajagopal to Dindigal along with the mould. Several devotees offered the metals required. Finally the statue took the divine shape of Yogi. Sri Thinnappan Chettiar (the son in law of Sri Laxman Chettiar), who was also a great devotee of Yogi, hosted Kalasagar in his house and served Kalasagar in all possible ways till the latter completed the statue.

The statue was brought to Tiruvannamalai and put up at the old Darshan Mandir. Yogi did not show any inclination to see the statue for another four months. God alone knows the reason, why Yogi waited for four months to have a look at the statue. After four months, suddenly one day Yogi summoned the then trustee of the Ashram to take him to the statue. The trustee took Yogi to the old darshan mandir, where the statue was placed. Yogi went near the statue and bent down before it, touching the feet of the statue. He pointed out a particular place in the main hall of the ashram to the trustee and instructed him to install the statue there within 24 hours. The statue was installed at the chosen place without any conventional and traditional rituals. After the installation of the statue, Yogi touched its feet and declared, ‘‘This is my Father’s statue. Whoever goes around this statue and touches its feet, my Father will shower his blessings on them.’’ Thereafter Yogi started sitting in a chair nearby the statue. He observed the devotees going around the statue, touching its holy feet with reverence. Yogi said that he was eternally present in the statue. Yogi assured, if anybody couldn’t see Yogi, they could go to the statue, touch its feet and they would definitely feel the presence of Yogi.

When Yogi was critically ill, a long time devotee, who could not go near Yogi went to the statue and massaged the legs of the statue reverentially. Yogi was then lying in the inner room of his abode. Yogi suddenly asked one of his attendants, Parthiban, “Parthiban, somebody is massaging this beggar’s statue. Go and see who is there?” Everybody was wondering. Yogi was lying in the abode from where he could not see the statue. Moreover it was night and nobody could be permitted inside the hall, where the statue was. But when Parthiban went to see, to his astonishment, he saw Smt. Rajini, a long time close devotee of Yogi massaging the statue’s leg as if it were Yogi’s. Parthiban went to Yogi and told it was Rajini. Yogi just listened and closed his eyes. It is obvious from this event that Yogi is one with the statue and he has offered the statue to his devotees to enable them to find him in the statue, to offer their salutations and prayers and get helped by Yogi.

For the people who had the association with Yogi, the statue of Yogi and his photo given by his own hands would be of great help to them to move in the path of evolution towards God. Whoever comes and bows before the statue, touch its feet and say ‘Yogi Ramsuratkumar’, he shall be guided to a genuine living guru and in turn will get guidance from the living guru to reach his ultimate goal, God. Yogi shall alleviate the painful sufferings of the devotees, who remember him constantly. Yogi would also remove the obstacles of the faithful seekers on their journey towards God so that they can safely reach their destination God, The Supreme Father. It is also for sure, whoever remembers and chants the holy name ‘Yogi Ramsuratkumar’ with immense faith he shall definitely get the salvation by attaining God Realization.

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